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Phenix Infrared Programming System
Phenix programmable devices are configured using our infrared programming system. The Phenix programming system provides a tamper resistant, electrically isolated method for customizing any programmable device.

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The settings for a programmable device, such as timer intervals, are defined using Phenix Programmer Software. The settings for the device are modified through an easy-to-use graphical interface. The software is available for free.

Once all the device settings have been configured using Phenix Programmer Software, the settings are then transferred into a remote programmer, model 9245. The battery powered remote receives the device settings through the PC's USB interface. The settings are stored within the remote and then may be used in the field to program units already installed.

The remote programmer then transfers the settings into a programmable devices using an infrared LED. The infrared LED operates similar to a flash light, transmitting a beam of coded infrared light. The infrared LED is then aimed at the infrared sensor located on the programmable device and pressing the button on the remote will transfer the settings to the device. The sensor on the programmable device detects only short range(less than an inch) coded infrared, preventing the device from being affected by stray infrared.

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