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Low Cost Industrial Current Sensors
ProductPhenix Controls provides a full line of industrial current sensors. All current sensors are encapsulated to protect from industrial environments. In addition, monitored current lines are electrically isolated from current sensors.

You can search our current sensors by first selecting either one or three phase, then search the chart for the operating voltage(the power for the unit to function). Some current sensors require a fixed voltage (120VAC, 5VDC, etc.), others function within a voltage range (i.e. 3 VDC - 36 VDC).

Some current sensor models are stocked and are designed for general industrial needs, others are designed for specific applications. For the models below call for availability. We have the ability to engineer a current sensor for your industrial need or specific application. Please contact us with questions.

  • Single and Three Phase
  • AC and DC Operating Voltages
  • Sense High and Low Current
  • Variety of Sensing Ranges
  • Variety of Package Sizes
  • Low Cost
  • Variety of Output Types
Single Phase
Single phase has one hole for monitored wires to pass through.

Single Phase Current Sensor List
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Three Phase
Three phase current sensors have three holes for monitored wires to pass through. Each phase has an independent monitoring circuit.

Three Phase Current Sensor List
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