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USB Infrared Programmer
9245  Description
ProductModel 9245 is a USB infrared remote programmer. The remote receives data through the USB interface and then transfer the data to Phenix infrared devices.

To send data to a Phenix infrared device, hold the center of the remote over the infrared input of the device and press the touch pad on the remote. A red light will active on the remote while the data is being transfered. Once the data has been sent, the right light will blink rapidly.

To send data to the 9245, click on the "USB Program" button. Ensure the device is connected to a USB port. The remote will appear on the list of available USB devices. Click on check box to the left of the device to send the program to the remote. A check will appear in the box, confirming the data was sent correctly. Click the "Program All" button to quickly send the data to all USB devices.

Some Phenix timer devices have a real time weekly clock. The 9245 can be set to the current system time and then transfer the current time, along with the intervals, to the timer device. Check the "Sync Time with System Time" to set the remote to the system time. The time will automatically be sent to timer devices when programmed.

3V Lithium battery and 3' USB cable are included.

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9245 Side View
9245 Side View

9245 USB Connection
9245 USB Connection

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