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Phenix Off Delay Timers
Off Delay Timer Logic

What is an off delay timer?
An off delay timer will energize the load when the power is first applied. Then after a specified time, de-energize the load. For mechanical relay applications, when power to the system is applied, the coil is energized, closing the contacts. Then after the delay interval, the coil is de-energized and the contacts are opened.

Programming a timer for off delay applications

Any Phenix timer device may be programmed for off delay applications. The Phenix Programmer Software provides an easy interface for setting up an off delay timer.

Off Delay Timer Program Sample
Off Delay Timer Program Sample

The sample above program demonstrates the basic design for an off delay timer. Selecting the "On Power" event will start the sequence once the timer power is applied. The first command in the sequence will set the output to ON, energizing the output. In the sample above, the delay interval is 10 seconds. The second command issued to the timer will set the output to OFF and then stay in this state until the timer power is removed.

A full range operating voltage and switching current timer devices are available. For the list of available timers, please see Phenix Timer Catalog.

The timer program memory is stored non-volatile memory in the timer. The memory will persist through power outage. Timer devices may be ordered preloaded with any delay time desired or changed at any time using Phenix Infrared Programming

Download Software
Phenix Programmer Software
AC Off Delay Timer
Mechanical Relay Output

120v AC Switches 30A
DC Off Delay Timer
Solid State Output

5v DC Switches 2.5A
12v DC Switches 2.5A
24v DC Switches 2.5A
DC Off Delay Timer
Mechanical Relay Output

5v DC Switches 10A
12v DC Switches 10A
24v DC Switches 10A
48v DC Switches 10A
AC Off Delay Timer
Solid State Output

24v AC Switches 3A
120v AC Switches 3A

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