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Adjustable POT for two-wire timers
10718  Description
ProductModel 10718 is an adjustable potentiometer (POT) for use with two-wire Phenix timers. The adjustable POT allows for user input within a timing sequence. Single or multi intervals within a sequence can be set using the adjustable POT. This allows for user input to the time sequence without reprogramming the timer's memory.

The 10718 has a digital resolution of 50 positions. The corresponding interval for each POT is fully programmable. The amount of time per digital position and minimum interval time can be programmed. Each POT has a unique indentifier (A through E) and allowing timer to use up to five 10718 inputs.
Sample POT Program
Sequential Timer Logic

A 10718 may be used to determine a single or multiple interval within a sequence. This sample program has a sequence with two intervals. The first interval is determined by the position of 10718A and the second interval is determined by 10718B. The value for each position or "tick" of the POT is setup using the wrench icon in the toolbar

Sample POT Parameters
Sequential Timer Logic

Set the number of POT inputs used. For this example, two POT parameters are defined. For each POT in use, the minimum interval time and time per tick may be programmed. When determining the final value of an interval, the position of the POT, or "tick", is measured (0-49) and multiplied by the time per tick setting. The minimum time is then added to determine the final interval length.

The minimum time per tick is 0.1 seconds. If the minimum interval is set to 00:00:00 and the POT is in the zero position, the resulting interval will be a hold interval. This will stop the sequence at this interval until another input occurs.

  Model Value  
  10718 A POT_A  
  10718 B POT_B  
  10718 C POT_C  
  10718 D POT_D  
  10718 E POT_E  

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Sample POT Parameters
Sample POT Parameters

Sample POT Program
Sample POT Program

Side View
Side View

Terminal View
Terminal View

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