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Low cost AC current switch for Pulse Width Controlled Loads
10343  Description
ProductModel 10343 is a small, AC current switch. It is designed to detect current on loads that are controlled using pulse width modulation. The 10343 detects current and the output remains low as long as a pulse is detected every 500ms. The output is delayed 600ms when going from low to high, but is fast turning on. Typically 5ms. The output is isolated from the lines being monitored. Monitored lines pass through a half inch hole in the unit. The output changes from high to low on trip. There is a single turn potentiometer for trip adjustment. The 10343 has an LED indicating output trip that is fast response. LED is on for pulse detection.
  • Encapsulated to prevent environmental and physical damage
  • Accommodate wires up to 1/2 inch
  • Senses Currents up to 25 A
  • Senses Currents as low as 1 A
  • Outputs are isolated from monitored lines
Operating Voltage
Min Max Type
10 35 VDC
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Sensing Range
Min Max Units
1 25 Amps
Number of Phases 1
Maximum Wire Size
Trip Point Adjustable
Features For Pulse Width Controlled Loads

Quantity Price USD
1 $ 30.00
5 $ 26.00
10 $ 25.00
50 $ 22.00
100 $ 20.00
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10343 Image
10343 Image

Pricing on website may not be current. Please call for Pricing
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